Forex Awards Nominations

We choose and reveal the most popular Forex Industry Nominations with the maximum votes number

Nomination Awards Nominees
1 Best Forex Broker FXCMNordFXHFMETX CapitalIS6FX
2 Best Execution Broker Forex Awards Nominations Winner ActivTradesXeroMarketsETX CapitalIS6FXVIG Investment
3 Best Forex Expo Forex Awards Nominations Winner Forex Expo 2022Forex Expo Cyprus 2022Forex Expo Egypt 2022TradersExpo 2022MoneyShow 2022iFX Expo Dubai 2022
4 Best Cryptocurrency and Forex Broker Forex Awards Nominations Winner NordFXKiplarXeroMarketsGIBXChangeVIG Investment
5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Forex Awards Nominations Winner PointPayGIBXChangeHuobi GlobalCoinbaseBinanceKrakenBitMEX
6 Best CFD Broker Asia NordFXOctaFXKiplarXeroMarketsIS6FX
7 Best Micro Forex Broker HFMXMOctaFXXTrend SpeedAdroFX
8 Best Trading Platform NordFXIQ OptionDerivSSIMDCFXQuadcode Markets
9 Best Crypto Trading Mobile App Forex Awards Nominations Winner LibertexNordFXXMMoneta MarketsPointPay
10 Best ECN / STP Broker Forex Awards Nominations Winner OctaFXCedarFXVIG InvestmentAdroFX
11 Best Cryptocurrency Broker Forex Awards Nominations Winner NordFXHFMOctaFXKiplarXeroMarkets
12 Best Forex Broker Europe LibertexActivTradesXMMoneta MarketsXTrend Speed
13 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Forex Awards Nominations Winner LibertexCommerceWealthMoneta MarketsGIBXChangePointPay
14 Best Forex Broker Asia Forex Awards Nominations Winner NordFXCommerceWealthXeroMarketsIS6FXDCFX
15 Best Forex Mobile Application OctaFXNPBFXKiplarInvestiGramQuadcode Markets
16 Best Forex Broker Middle East NordFXNPBFXXeroMarketsIS6FXAdroFX
17 Best Trading Application DCFXSSIMPointPayGIBXChangeIEXS
18 Most Transparent Broker Forex Awards Nominations Winner XeroMarketsXTrend SpeedVIG InvestmentDerivQuadcode Markets
19 Best Trade Executions Forex Awards Nominations Winner OctaFXNPBFXCedarFXGIBXChange
20 Best Dealing Room XMKiplarMoneta MarketsKohle Capital MarketsCedarFX
21 Best Mobile Trading Platform KiplarIS6FXIQ OptionDerivSSIM
22 Best Social Trading Network Forex Awards Nominations Winner NordFXOctaFXCommerceWealthKiplar
23 Best Forex Newcomer KiplarMoneta MarketsInvestiGramErranteXeroMarkets
24 Best Crypto Broker Asia NordFXOctaFXKiplarXeroMarketsIS6FX
25 Best Forex Broker Russia LibertexMoneta MarketsXeroMarkets
26 Best Managed Account AxiTraderErranteSSIM
27 Best Forex Broker Australia Quadcode Markets
28 Best Forex Broker Africa XMFXTMKiplarETX CapitalDeriv
29 Best Forex Broker Canada FXCMOctaFXCommerceWealthKiplarInvestiGram
30 Fastest Growing Provider OctaFXIS6FXVIG InvestmentDCFX
31 Fastest Growing Forex Broker, Europe AxiTraderETX CapitalIS6FXAdroFX
32 Best Affiliate Program Forex Awards Nominations Winner NordFXNPBFXErranteIS6FXDerivAdroFX
33 Best Copy Trading Platform OctaFXNPBFXCommerceWealthInvestiGramErrante
34 Best Trading Order Management Forex Awards Nominations Winner Moneta MarketsInvestiGramETX CapitalIS6FX
35 Most Transparent Broker, Middle East HYCMAxiTraderCommerceWealthIS6FX
36 Best Gambling Expo Betting on Sports Europe 2022Global Gaming Expo 2022G2E Asia 2022CasinoBeats Summit 2022EAE by Expo24 2022
37 Best Trading Software Provider SpotwareHybrid SolutionsIEXSNinjaTrader, LLCMetaQuotes Software Corp.
38 Best Introductory Program NordFXHFMOctaFX
39 Best Trading Experience OctaFXCedarFXXeroMarketsDCFXQuadcode Markets
40 Best Mini Account Provider HFMXMOctaFXFXTM

Forex Awards Winners

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Best ECN / STP Broker 2021 – NPBFX Winner
Best Execution Broker 2021 – Xero Capital Markets Winner
Best Trading Order Management – IS6FX Winner
Best Affiliate Program 2021 – NordFX

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