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Until recently, people in Asia have been shying away from financial markets, giving preference to real estate ownership and speculation as a means for wealth accumulation. But with the looming housing crisis in China, which threatens to spread across the world, and the general improvement of access to global financial markets, the number of stock market investors in this region has been increasing steadily over the past decade. According to Statista, nearly 140 million people in China currently own stocks, not to mention the number of investors in more progressive regions like Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Asian continent is the world’s largest economic crossroads as well as the region growing rapidly and dynamically. This process in ongoing for years now and appears to be developing the same way in the years to come, as it is based on such factors as a large variety and diversity of economic activities in the region, as well as its huge population, primarily in China and India. The significant and steady growth of the Asian economy is supported by continuous global investments, which generates positive environment for forex trading as well. Currency trading has become very popular in the Asian nations due to a number of factors, including ease of trading, adrenaline effect and market efficiency.

A broker claiming top honors as the best forex broker in Asia definitely has to have proven steady performance within previous years as well as spotless reputation among all kinds of forex market participants. There are a number of ways to be a success in the discerning Asian forex brokers market. The essential features for a successful Asian forex broker including transparency, fast order execution, perfect trading platforms, native language availability, and this list is not complete.

Giving assessment to the forex companies working Asia it is essential to give priority attention to their particular location. The Southeast Asia as one of the most important financial hubs of the world, and performance standards there are exemplary. The brokerage industry in Asia has been developing in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades, which resulted in the emergence of a multitude of firms, five of which deserved a place on our list of top stock brokers. All these brokers offer top-tier services for both retail and institutional investors, as well as access to a abundance of interesting stock markets. The commissions charged by these brokers are very reasonable, and their openness to foreign investors deserves separate praise and speaks in their favor when compared to the U.S. brokers that appear to be too isolationistic.

It's obvious that the brokerage tradition in Asia is still in development, but the gap between Asian brokers and their American or international counterparts isn’t too great, to be frank. Asian stock markets offer a fair share of profit-making opportunities, and these brokers will certainly help to capitalize on them. 

Below you will find the list of the finest stock brokers in Asia that were selected with regard to their reputation, the number of available stock markets, trading fees, security, and customer service. They might interest not only local traders but also those who reside in other parts of the world because all these brokers are inclusive and accept foreign clients, besides their fees might be deemed as very reasonable. 

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2 WeTrade Review and Awards Overall rating
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Education rating
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3 DCFX Review and Awards Overall rating
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