Sunshine Group Holding Limited is an investment group focusing on global asset allocation. Through the industrial ecological pattern of "industrial investment + industrial operation + marketing promotion + financial services", and relying on millions of customers, the group provides global customers with diversified services including financial services (including derivatives, Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, European stock markets), international futures, IPO, private equity funds, etc.

SSIM Sunshine International Market, which is subordinate to Sunshine Group Holding Limited, is a leading online trading broker in the world. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it is regulated by SFC (regulatory license number AUQ298), ASIC (regulatory number 001293587) and MSB (regulatory number M19050256). It provides customers with a one-stop trading system including foreign exchange, global stocks, contracts for differences, bulk commodities, index futures and cryptocurrencies.

Our advantages

Quotation is more advantageous and faster, which can help clients to gain better prices and make transactions more efficient and stable. Implementing absolutely the transaction execution principles with no repeated quotations and no rejection of orders.

Corporate philosophy

The company adheres to the idea that trading begins with trust, and provides traders with capital security guarantee, extremely low point difference, excellent and stable trading environment, and various activities support. With customer support in more than 30 languages around the world, SSIM Sunshine Markets is your best choice no matter where you are or how much you know about foreign exchange.

Financial supervision

Meanwhile, SSIM is supervised strictly by financial supervisions of ASIC, SFC and MSB. The security measure we take is to deposit the clients' funds in an isolated account to ensure that the funds are always separated completely from our own funds, and all deposits are totally isolated in accordance with strict policies and procedures.

Excellent tempering quality

Our core team members come from large-scale securities companies, investment banks and exchanges around the world. They are a group of elite people in the field of financial technology with different backgrounds, experiences, professional knowledge, and skills, focusing on serving diversified customers around the world.

Fairness makes trust

We focus on providing a cutting-edge scientific and innovative transaction flow architecture system, and uses the most advanced and stable technologies in terms of security technology, internal construction, transaction order and privacy management to ensure your transaction security and satisfaction.

The unique SSL encrypted transmission and MD5 encrypted password ensure that customers' information is automatically encrypted during personal account management, deposit and withdrawal and other operations involving sensitive information, to ensure customer information security.

Care and win-win

Only by cultivating sustainable employees through multiculturalism can we be closer to the customer needs of different cultures, nationalities, religions, and nationalities. We have held hundreds of lectures in nearly 100 cities around the world and maintained close contact with our customers and partners. Build a more direct and solid trust and cooperation relationship through face-to-face direct communication.

Superior and stable trading environment

There are no repeated quotations and no traders' interference. We provide clients with a completely transparent trading environment, and all orders are executed fairly and openly. We have invested huge amounts of money in architecture servers to ensure stable operations, and are committed to integrating cutting-edge technology, and strive to innovate and continuously improve service quality.

Transparency and fairness

In SSIM Sunshine Markets, what you see is what you get without any hidden terms. It is the price, execution, and preferential activities you see. What we publicize is what we can give to all customers, regardless of the investment scale.

Convenient and fast

All our systems are based on the principle of customer focus. For example, our account opening procedures, account management, deposit and withdrawal and transactions are easy for customers to operate.

Diversified products and low pips

We provide popular trading products covering Forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and stocks etc., Experience participating in the fluctuations of global market products anytime, anywhere, and grasp profit opportunities. SSIM has established a deep circulation network with many banking partners to continuously provide stable and transparent low spread trading conditions for our clients.

Professional customer service and no trading restrictions

Every client of SSIM has a dedicated account manager and provides 24 * 5 trading support. SSIM customer service staff can help you provide helps and supports. We have no specific restrictions on clients' transactions, and provide clients with a fair and transparent trading platform.

What we provideļ¼Ÿ

SSIM is committed to providing customers with efficient and independent solutions to help customers form a more comprehensive and macro financial framework in active investment and participate in financial market investment.

Trading platform

SSIM provides clients with an MT4 trading platform, looking for better quotations, ultra-low spreads, and higher returns in the entire financial market. Supporting EA automated trading, and support VPS service, you can get high-speed execution and precise trading.

About MT4

Deep liquidities

SSIM cooperates with top liquidity service providers to ensure transaction transparency and accurately submit your market orders. The quotation is more advantageous and faster, helping clients find the best price and making transactions more stable.

Trading principles

We absolutely implement the transaction execution principle of no repeated quotation and no rejection of orders. With the help of multi-platform trading software on the PC, Web, and mobile terminals, we can conduct transactions through servers in various regions around the world.

Trading account, one-click participation

In order to meet the different needs of institutional and individual investors, SSIM provides STP and ECN accounts, and traders can benefit from the type of trading account that suits them.

Mainstream products

Forex, Commodities, Indices. SSIM provides Forex transactions with the lowest 0 pip. Gold and silver are the most popular investment products for investors. Crude oil is the world's most traded and most important commodity. Stock index investment is a very effective hedging tool.

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