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Are you looking for the Best Forex Broker? You’re just in the right place for that! The foreign exchange market, or simply Forex, is the largest tradable market in the world, the overall trading volume of which is rivaled only by the credit market. Perhaps you would be shocked to find out that the capitalization of the forex market amounts to the incredible $2.4 quadrillion, with nearly $6 trillion worth of transactions taking place there on a day-to-day basis, which is only 3,5 times less than the GDP of the United States that was estimated at $21 trillion. It’s hard even to imagine how many people are involved in the process of moving this vast amount of money around, and if you want to dive into this ocean of currencies, charts, orders, and, of course, profits, then you would have to get an account with a good Forex broker.

Financial markets of today boast a great variety of offers and brokerages, from market makers to those specializing in retail services. Once a new trader decides to choose a broker to trade with, it takes a lot of time an effort to study all the aspects of their business activity, including deposit/withdrawal terms, platforms, leverage and spreads, commissions and fees, bonuses and promotions, regulation details, and so on. 

To assist our readers in the matter of choosing the most suitable intermediary for profitable currencies speculations, we have compiled this comprehensive list of top forex brokers with the untainted reputation that offer the combination of low commissions, state-of-the-art trading tools, access to a wide range of international financial markets, insightful education sections on respective websites, and helpful customer service. We have awarded each of these ten brokers scores on these criteria to facilitate the choice. On the list below you will find the best fx brokers working across the globe, choose the one that suits your demands best, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite forex company on! 

Best Forex Broker 2024 Nominees

Forex Broker Ratings Results Rating dynamics
1 HFM Review and Awards Overall rating
Commissions rating
Education rating
Service rating

HFM voting dynamics Rate
2 NordFX Review and Awards Overall rating
Commissions rating
Education rating
Service rating

NordFX voting dynamics Rate
3 Otet Markets Review and Awards Overall rating
Commissions rating
Education rating
Service rating

Otet Markets voting dynamics Rate
4 WeTrade Review and Awards Overall rating
Commissions rating
Education rating
Service rating

WeTrade voting dynamics Rate

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Top Forex Nominations 2024

Nomination Nominees
1 Best Forex Broker NordFXHFMWeTradeOtet Markets
2 Best Execution Broker ActivTradesXeroMarketsVIG InvestmentITB
3 Best Forex Expo Forex Expo 2022Forex Expo Cyprus 2022Forex Expo Egypt 2022TradersExpo 2022MoneyShow 2022iFX Expo Dubai 2022
4 Best Cryptocurrency and Forex Broker NordFXGIBXChangeIS6FXVIG InvestmentITB
5 Best Trading Application Otet MarketsGVD MarketsDCFXSSIMGIBXChange
6 Best CFD Broker Asia NordFXOctaXeroMarkets
7 Best Micro Forex Broker HFMOctaIS6FXAdroFX
8 Best Trading Platform DCFXQuadcode MarketsFXCentrumGVD MarketsOtet Markets
9 Best ECN / STP Broker OctaVIG InvestmentAdroFXWeTradeOtet Markets
10 Best Cryptocurrency Broker NordFXHFMOctaXeroMarkets
11 Best Forex Broker Europe ActivTradesXTrend SpeedVT Markets
12 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform GIBXChangePointPay
13 Best Forex Mobile Application Quadcode MarketsFXCentrum
14 Best Forex Broker Asia DCFXFXCentrumWeTrade
15 Best Forex Broker Middle East NordFXXeroMarketsITBVT Markets
16 Most Transparent Broker NPBFXXTrend SpeedVIG InvestmentQuadcode MarketsITB
17 Best Trade Executions OctaNPBFXCedarFXGIBXChangeGVD Markets
18 Best Mobile Trading Platform IQ OptionDerivSSIMVT Markets
19 Best Dealing Room Kohle Capital MarketsCedarFX
20 Best Social Trading Network NordFXOctaWeTradeGVD Markets

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