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In nowadays life, as one can hear about the cryptocurrencies everywhere and 24 hours a day, both online and offline, it is more than essential to find the right broker to trade with once you decide to try your hand in this type of activity.

For a number of years now, crypto currencies have been already actively entering the world of the online business, be that finance, new startups, sales, and so on. Along with this, crypto currencies keep on attracting more and more attention from both private and corporate investors searching for new advanced methods to increase their funds. New elaborate trading instruments are continuously introduced to the clients due to the ever-growing popularity of the crypto currencies.

On the other hand, a trader entering the crypto currencies market needs to be aware also of the risk factors, including the volatility and lack of predictability of bitcoin and its peers. And, as usual, nowadays exists some lag in legal regulation, as real-life and the laws don’t always catch up with the pace of the state-of-the-art technological innovations.

The key factor that a trader should seek with the broker is transparency and reliability. This year trading bitcoins and other crypto currencies has made headlines of the news too often to ignore this issue in its diversity, with its tops and pitfalls. However the world of digital currencies has already delivered a lot of success stories, a serious trader should take into account various ‘pro’s and con’s to decide whether crypto currencies are just the right thing to rely on, and for how long.

Any practical knowledge and long-term experience of using services of a particular broker is of great value and cannot be underestimated. Our community members are those who form the reality of tomorrow, giving their support to the companies that really deserve to be estimated as the leaders of the present-day crypto currencies’ world.

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Grand Capital

Grand Capital - one of the oldest international brokerage firms. Since 2006, provides traders convenient online services for trading on Forex. GC is leader in the field of binary options and derivatives trading (CFD). Actually, GC is the first...

Regulation: CRFIN, KROUFR


Libertex is a multinational brand with almost 20 years of financial market presence and online-trading experience. We've been helping our clients to trade stocks, currencies, indexes, commodities, gold, oil, gas, and cryptocurrencies since...

Regulation: CySEC

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