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At the beginning of the 21st century MENA region has gained a foothold as one of the world’s principal business destinations. Its role and importance for the global currency exchange market cannot be underestimated. There are many forex brokers that are incorporated or registered in the countries like UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, Israel or Tunisia. Lots of companies of the MENA region specialize in investing, trading or launching innovative projects. Along with this, currency exchange operations have become an integral part of the divers and dynamic business profile of the region. A number of Forex and investment expos and conferences are held in the region each year, and each time such events attract lots of visitors from various parts of the world and serve as the launching platform for the new B2B contacts and projects to get started.

How to trade forex in the Middle East will really depends a lot on the country you are registering from, so you should first check that the broker is available there by contacting their customer support. Once you have done this, the process is pretty much the same as everywhere else. You will have to provide proof of identity in the form of a passport along with your proof of residence when registering with the broker to verify your account. Once you are verified you may then be asked to fund your account before you begin trading, but you will be ready to go.

MENA countries have a reputation of safe and reliable business destinations providing comfortable conditions to their clients, no matter whether they are large financial institutions or private traders. Once you have some practical knowledge of forex brokers working in the Middle East region, please take a minute and share your opinion on the best MENA forex broker of today. Forex trading is growing in popularity in Middle East. The volume of Forex traded in Middle East has increased year on year over the last five years. Across the world $5.1 trillion USD in volume is traded every single day. This is a huge amount in comparison with other financial market sectors. Advances in online technology, higher internet coverage in Middle East and increased competition among brokerages have made Forex trading more accessible and reduced the costs of trading generally.

Middle East economy and population is growing. The middle class population in Middle East is increasing which means a growing consumer base. Many business and financial opportunities exist in Middle East. Middle East has a population educated in technology and the internet.

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4 ITB Review and Awards Overall rating
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5 XeroMarkets Review and Awards Overall rating
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Education rating
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XeroMarkets voting dynamics Rate

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