Forex Awards Expert Council is pleased to invite you to join our Expert Council and to become a part of our unique analytical community working in the field of forex and finance. We highly appreciate your talents and expertise, objectiveness and in-depth knowledge of the market.  We believe your expert opinion will be a significant part of the forex knowledgebase we are developing.

Our team has been working in the forex market since 2006 and during that time, we have already achieved many considerable and weighty results. At the same time we know we’re yet at the beginning of the road, as information about forex companies and currency trading in general grows exponentially each year. This is why our research team is constantly increasing its efforts in seeking self-perfection. However, we believe that we need to look beyond the borders of our own team of experts and harvest the professional opinions of those of you who know both sides of the forex business, and, moreover, would be willing to share their learned knowledge. This enables us to provide a totally people-centric experience.

We as well believe that we have to strive outside to collect professional opinions of those who know this or that side of forex business in detail and are willing to share their knowledge.

Therefore, should this appeal to you? Then we certainly have something to offer! With our platform you need look no further, because we are exactly the right company for you. And, the task could not be easier! What we ask you to do is to assign professional scores to the forex companies featured on our site. The choice of companies and aspects of their operation that you will find in the dropdown menu is optional, that is, we do not insist that you estimate each and every company far and wide.  However, any expert assessment that you leave would be highly appreciated.

Our registered experts are asked to participate in the procedure at least once in 6 months; but, whenever you feel like adding or changing the data you have previously left on our site, you are welcome to do so at any time convenient for you.

Every 6 months the assessment results synergize, and this gives life to an up-to –date and objective landscape of the business. Your part in this job is much needed – without you the picture is not complete! You personally will certainly benefit from this project too, as your name will be known to a broad forex community, and awareness of your professional position will spread across the globe to wherever people trade forex.

Please send us an email with a brief resume to join the Forex Awards Expert Council. Your time and patience are greatly appreciated. We will review the provided data and get back to you shortly.


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