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How long have you been looking for a good and truly reliable Forex Broker? Do you know which trading platform is perfect in processing all the operations in the just-in-time mode? Have you already spent lots of time and effort in search of the right answer? Stop here – you got it all. All in one spot: So welcome on board!

Looking for the best broker or trading platform?

We are an evaluation and rating site tracing its history from 2010. Since then we keep on doing our continuous day-by-day work to find, test, evaluate, and bring to the limelight all the forex companies that deserve clients’ attention and praise. Our ultimate goal is to make the world of online currency trading more transparent, fair and rewarding.

We see this process as a two-way street: we form actual lists of companies dealing with forex trading, or offering trading platforms. From their part, our site’s registered users, who in fact form a great expert community, share their knowledge and trading expertise by means of voting for any of the listed brokers. At any particular minute, day or month you can look into any of our three actual ratings and find an answer on which forex companies are the real market leaders.

Our site’s community is constantly growing and we welcome any active trader to join us and share their opinion on our platform, which provides one of the fastest and most effective means to be heard, and heard immediately: our elaborate voting system reflects all the changes in the cast votes immediately. We certainly take pride in our voting method, unbiased and secure. Our site visitors have an opportunity not only to allot marks to the listed companies, but also to open demo or even live accounts with them in a real-time mode. Our voting community decides which brokerage companies or platforms deserve top positions providing quality services.

Registration with us is fast and easy, and will take only about a minute of your time. As a registered user you will have access to all the company information, plus, you’ll be able to open a demo or live account with a broker of choice. Sharing your opinion about the listed brokers and trading platforms is available on our social network accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Why join us? platform is a prompt and user-friendly data processor, and with us you always have access to the expert knowledge of the truly best brokers and trading platforms available in currency trading. At that, by being a part of our respectable and active community you make your voice be heard and your opinion matter.

Look who’s on top today!

Forex Brokers Rating features a list of the top-notch forex brokers currently offering their services on the currency exchange market. The site visitors are able to express their opinion about the listed brokers by means of posting and commenting in the social accounts. Opening a demo or live account with any listed broker is available in the rating itself.

Forex Brokers Rating provides opportunities of opening demo or live trading accounts with the most popular and reliableforex brokers of today. Our ratings ensure that you see and compare for yourself – all the essential details about the brokers are collected at one spot! Check carefully and make the right choice of a forex broker!

Why forex platforms rating is important?

Forex trading platform is in fact software necessary for a trader to work on the financial markets. Trading platforms are diverse, but we’ve brought into one rating all the platforms that deserve traders’ attention and by themselves make a good selection to choose from. Some basic classifications of the trading software include: whether the software was designed for a PC or a mobile device; also there exist web terminals, and also it is possible to choose a trading platform allowing automatic trading which means physical presence of a trader is not essential. Trading platforms allow customers analyze the market conditions and test various programs as a part of automated trading.  Trading platforms can be paid and free. Our Forex Platforms’ Rating features a decent selection of secure, time-tested platforms.

In general, all our ratings are meant to help forex traders figure out the strong and weak points of the forex companies as well as of the forex platforms.


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