Mega Super Lottery 2023 New Year's Draw: Another $50,000 Drawn

11 January 2024

Since 2021, NordFX, a renowned broker in the financial markets, has been captivating its clients with the annual Super Lottery, boasting a staggering prize pool of $100,000. This initiative, extending far beyond a mere marketing campaign, has offered a transformative opportunity for participants to significantly enhance their financial standing. Let's delve deeper into the 2023 edition of this event, marked by excitement, anticipation, and substantial rewards.

2023 Super Lottery: A Year of Opportunities

In 2023, NordFX elevated its Super Lottery under the theme "Your 202+3 Chances to Win in 2023," a slogan symbolizing both hope and abundance. The lottery, which commenced in March, spanned over ten months, encompassing a series of intermediate draws and culminating in a grand finale. The intermittent draws, held on July 5 and October 5, set the stage for the final spectacle. These events, conducted online, allowed participants and enthusiasts worldwide to witness the draw live, ensuring transparency and engagement. For those who missed the live events, recordings were made available on NordFX’s official YouTube channel, offering a glimpse into the thrilling moments of the draw.

The Grand Finale: Distribution of $50,000

The climax of the Super Lottery took place on January 5, 2024, shortly after the euphoria of the New Year celebrations. In this final draw, NordFX generously distributed $50,000, divided into multiple cash prizes. The prize structure was meticulously designed to maximize the number of winners: 60 prizes of $250 each, 2 prizes of $1,000 each, 10 prizes of $1,800 each, and 3 super prizes of $5,000 each. This diverse distribution ensured that a greater number of participants could taste victory, making the lottery a memorable event for many.

The lottery ticket numbers of the winners were announced, bringing joy and surprise to the lucky holders. These winners represented a broad spectrum of NordFX’s global clientele, highlighting the inclusive and international nature of the lottery.

Flexibility and Freedom for Winners

A distinctive feature of the Mega Super Lottery was the flexibility afforded to the winners regarding their prize money. According to the rules, the winners could either reinvest their winnings in trading activities or withdraw the amount from their accounts at their convenience. This flexibility allowed winners to utilize their prizes in a manner that best suited their financial strategies and goals.

A Heartfelt Congratulation and Wishes for 2024

As NordFX wrapped up the Super Lottery, it extended heartfelt congratulations to all participants and clients. The event was not just a demonstration of NordFX’s commitment to providing value to its clients but also a testament to the company's innovative approach to client engagement.

The conclusion of the lottery was accompanied by a message of hope and goodwill for the year 2024. NordFX wished all its clients and their families happiness, health, and prosperity, hoping that the fortune and excitement experienced during the lottery would extend into their trading endeavors and personal lives in the new year.


The Mega Super Lottery 2023, orchestrated by NordFX, was more than a promotional event; it was a celebration of opportunity, luck, and financial empowerment. As NordFX looks forward to hosting more such events, it stands as an exemplar in the world of finance, demonstrating how innovative approaches can create exciting opportunities for client engagement and satisfaction. As we step into 2024, the anticipation for what NordFX has in store is high, with clients and participants eagerly waiting for another year of opportunities, surprises, and potential financial growth.



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