Predict the price of Amazon shares, win $50!

14 January, 2021

The winter holidays are over, but more gifts from Grand Capital are in store for you. Yes, it’s time for the first Instagram prediction contest of 2021!

You have to predict the price of the #AMAZON shares as of the market close on Friday, January 22th. The participant who predicts the exact stock price (or whose prediction comes closest) will receive $50 on their account.

Terms and conditions:

  • Clients and subscribers of the company’s official account can participate in the contest;
  • Repost of the contest post is required;
  • Participants can publish no more than one prediction of a certain value per day, for example: 456.7;
  • Prizes above $50 will be transferred to the winner’s Standard account, prizes under $50 will be transferred to the winner’s Micro account.
  • In case of multiple correct predictions, the earlier prediction will win.
  • Prize funds granted by the company can’t be withdrawn. You can only withdraw the profit you made from trading the prize funds granted by the company.
  • Prize funds are valid for 1 calendar month after they are received.
  • There are no restrictions on deposits into the account with the prize money.
  • You can only participate in the contest on one of the pages/accounts of the company. For example, if you have already entered a contest on Facebook, you won’t be able to participate in the same contest on our other social media pages.
  • The contest is considered valid if at least 4 people took part in it.
  • The winner must write a short review of the contest and post it on their social media page, tagging the official Grand Capital page with the hashtag #grandcapitalcontests;
  • The winner must submit an application to receive the bonus funds. The application must contain the full name, account number, date and place of the competition, the amount of the prize, as well as the link to the contest post on their social media page. The application must be sent to within two weeks after the results are announced, otherwise the prize will be canceled.
  • The prize funds will be deposited to the winner’s account within two weeks after the application is submitted.
  • The winner can receive the prize money only once a month. If the same participant wins the second time within one month, the prize is awarded to the participant who took the second place.
  • The winner can only withdraw the profit made from trading the prize funds if the withdrawal amount in the application is at least half the amount of the price funds. After the first withdrawal of funds, the bonus is deducted.
  • After a month, the prize funds are deducted, the profit remains on the account.
  • Prize funds are property of the company and can be deducted by the company at any time without explanation.
  • The company reserves the right to use any information related to prizes for marketing purposes.
  • Prize funds are not eligible for partner awards.
  • If a participant wins the competition more than three times, on the fourth time, they can only receive the $50 prize after depositing at least $50.
  • The administration of the page reserves the right to revise the results of the competition in exceptional cases.
Source   Presented by Grand CapitalForex News & Promotions
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