Embark on a Journey of Exceptional Moments: Celebrating 15 Years of Exness

13 December 2023

For most people, 2023 might seem like just another year in the calendar. However, for us at Exness, it holds profound significance as we mark our 15th anniversary this December. When we embarked on this journey from the very beginning, our mission was clear: to create a fairer marketplace with improved conditions and features designed to prioritize the trader's experience. It was an audacious vision, one that we were determined to pursue relentlessly, regardless of the challenges we encountered.

Our ambition and foresight were unwavering, and we dared to dream big. Did we anticipate becoming the largest retail broker in the world? Frankly, yes, we did. Today, as we reflect on our remarkable journey, we can't help but marvel at how far we've come and the pivotal role Exness has played in shaping the online trading industry.

While our team is always focused on the future and constantly striving to surpass our current achievements, this special occasion calls for a moment of reflection on our past. It has been an incredible journey—one that we are immensely proud to have shared with you, our valued community.

A Decade and a Half of Triumphs

In 2008, we set out with a singular ambition: to become the biggest player in the industry. Fast forward to 2022, and we achieved that very goal. We consistently set new records, culminating in an astonishing monthly trading volume of $4.8 trillion in October 2023. Our journey to becoming the largest retail broker was not a solitary one. It was built on the solid foundation of our trading community, which grew steadily over the years.

Word of mouth among traders and unwavering support from our incredible partners fueled this growth. Today, we stand not only as the industry leader in trading volume but also in the number of active clients.

Partnership, Trust, and Reward

Our partners have been our steadfast companions throughout the Exness journey. Their unwavering belief in us and the unbreakable trust we've nurtured over the years have been instrumental in powering our success. With gratitude, we acknowledge the over 60,000 partners who have contributed to annual reward payouts exceeding $388 million.

A Global Team of Innovators

Just as our trading community expanded, so did our team. From a humble beginning with just two founders in 2008, we've grown into a global force with over 2,100 dedicated individuals hailing from more than 100 countries. Our six international offices are a testament to our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity.

Innovation Fuels Success

Our success did not materialize by chance; it was the result of unwavering dedication to enhancing our product and pioneering unique features that instill trust in our traders. We were the first to introduce several groundbreaking features that have since become industry standards, leaving other brokers attempting to emulate our innovations.

Features such as instant withdrawals, stop-out protection, an anti-stop hunt approach, daily commission payouts, swap-free trading, transparent tick history, a 0% stop-out level, free virtual private servers, and the ability to trade during rollovers have formed the bedrock of our success. And rest assured, this list is bound to expand as we continue our journey forward.

Thanking You for 15 Exceptional Years

As we celebrate our first 15 years together, we recognize that we have empowered countless traders to realize their full potential. Yet, what truly matters now is our path ahead. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for contributing to Exness's remarkable journey thus far, and we eagerly anticipate many more decades of success and partnership to come.

Embark with us on a journey of exceptional moments - 15 years down, a lifetime to go.



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