A New Era of Financial Security

29 June 2022

The global financial derivatives broker, MultiBank Group, aims to become a game-changer in the crypto industry through its digital asset exchange platform. MultiBank Group built MultiBank io with the intention of being a pioneer in finance, disrupting the traditional financial services industry, and setting a precedent by being one of the first to exhibit such a shift on a global scale.

With the growth of blockchain technology, MultiBank io intends to become a hotbed for new and revolutionary financial tools for users to leverage crypto opportunities, regardless of location, background, wealth, or experience.

The company will give users the ultimate investment security by fully segregating their accounts without merging the users’ and company’s funds. In addition, MultiBank io, part of MultiBank Group, also launched digital wallet security through Multiple-Party Computation (MPC) Solution Wallet security to secure users’ crypto assets.

Investors’ funds will be stored in tier 1 banks, guaranteeing their peace of mind when it comes to where their funds are kept. This is to ensure users’ full confidence in crypto. The company will strictly emphasize on security and reliability when it comes to transactions and trading. MultiBank io will offer higher levels of comfort by facilitating the transaction through a highly developed platform.

The firm ensures that the safety of the funds of its users and partners is its highest priority. MultiBank io is also completely regulated and audited by the Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC), registered by the Australian Transaction Reporting Analysis Committee (AUSTRAC), and authorized and controlled by the Financial Services Authority of the British Virgin Islands.




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