Forex Trader Rankings: Win $1000 in the NPBFX Demo Contest and a Brand-New iPhone

Are you ambitious enough to aim for the top spot in Forex trader rankings? Do you have the adrenaline rush for an authentic competitive challenge? We invite you to register for the renowned 'Battle of Traders' contest sponsored by the brokerage, NPBFX. Initiated in 2018, this monthly contest is hosted on demo accounts, offering you a unique chance to pocket a $1000 real-account cash prize and a brand-new iPhone every month. Dive in to understand the essence and detailed terms of the competition.

The Essence of the 'Battle of Traders' and the Path to Rank #1 Every participant starts off with a virtual account balance of $5,000. You have an entire calendar month to trade, and results are collated at the beginning of the succeeding month. How you trade, whether spanning a few days, weekly, or even multiple daily positions throughout the contest month, rests solely on the strategy you choose.

A noteworthy advantage of this contest is its regularity. If one doesn't taste success in a particular month, the doors are always open for another shot in the subsequent one. Past records of the contest have seen several traders clinch the title after multiple attempts.

Quick FAQ on Contest Rules:

Conclusion The 'Battle of Traders' is more than just a contest; it's a platform for showcasing skill, strategy, and determination in the world of Forex trading. With significant rewards up for grabs and a leveled playing field, this is the perfect opportunity for traders globally to test their mettle and potentially walk away with lucrative rewards. Register today, and may the best trader win!

How is the Prize Pool of the Contest Distributed?

The Winners and Their Rewards The contest recognizes the top ten traders, who claim their spots at the peak of the rankings. Once the contest phase officially concludes, the prize money is credited to their real accounts. Every month, a total prize pool of $2500 is up for grabs, and it's divided as follows:

The 100% Transparent Trader Rankings Another undeniable advantage of this contest is its complete transparency. Thanks to online account monitoring, anyone interested can stay updated with the current top-ranking scenarios. The main monitoring page displays crucial data such as ranking, account number, account holder's nickname, balance, funds, and the number of trades. The frequently updated data ensures its relevance. On selecting an account number, viewers can delve deeper into account statistics, examining leverage ratios, open positions, balance charts, and an exhaustive transaction history.

The online ranking system guarantees fairness, providing equal competition conditions for all participants. The contest boasts a diverse contestant geography, with participants hailing from Russia, CIS countries, European nations, and the Asian region. Past winners have come from Egypt, Japan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Moldova, Russia, and more. The NPBFX company shares interviews with the victors across their social media platforms. Insights from these winners reveal a wide spectrum of trading experiences, educational backgrounds, and an age range spanning from 18 to over 60. Truly, this contest knows no bounds!

How and Where to Register for the Contest? A new contest phase kicks off on the first of every month. However, eager participants can start registering much earlier, from the 15th of the preceding month. The registration process is hassle-free and involves a few easy steps:

NPBFX: Among the Best Brokers in the CIS Region This esteemed status is a result of the broker's dedicated long-term service, two decades of banking experience, and offering user-friendly conditions. The 'Battle of Traders' contest, spearheaded by NPBFX, is a unique blend of challenge, transparency, and lucrative rewards. It stands as a testament to the inclusivity and fairness the Forex market can offer, inviting participants.

A Detailed Look at the Primary Trading Conditions for Real Accounts

Historical Footprint NPBFX has been a steadfast player in the market since 1996. This longevity speaks volumes about the broker's commitment to maintaining a high-quality trading environment for its clientele. Over the years, it has been a witness to the significant changes in market dynamics, always adapting to ensure clients get the best possible trading experience.

Account Types NPBFX caters to a diverse clientele by offering a wide array of account types:

There are no restrictions on opening accounts, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or trading experience, can participate.

Join the Race to the Top To capitalize on these outstanding trading conditions, register on the official NPBFX broker website. Stand a chance to clinch the top spot in the contest and pocket a whopping $1000 directly into your account!



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