Seven Tips for Trading Gold Forex (XAU/USD)

9 August 2022

Trading gold forex (XAU/USD) has become more popular as forex, silver traders or metal traders look for positions that have the potential to go against inflation or market volatility. Gold trading online can be used by traders as a hedge against other open positions as it can potentially be less volatile than other currencies. Forex brokers such as IronFX offer online metal trading and gold forex pairs such as the XAU/USD, allowing traders to use gold in their trading strategy. Gold has a fixed global volume and it cannot be increased as opposed to the way a government will print more paper money.

If you want to take advantage of online metal trading or precious metals trading or opportunities with gold, here are 7 trading tips to have in mind.

If a real interest rate is above 2%, then the value of gold falls. Many experts will suggest selling on XAU/USD if the real interest rate reaches this level.


Although the price of gold is influenced by different factors than those of forex, many rules that apply to forex also apply to gold. Traders who want to try trading gold forex CFDs should consider XAU/USD as a good start. By analysing the price movements of gold, they can start developing a trading strategy to explore trading opportunities.

If you are starting out in CFDs, forex trading or trading gold forex, then registering with a reliable broker with a wide range of educational resources is a great way to explore trading opportunities. Recognised and leading brokers usually provide in-house and independent research and analysis, which you can use to develop your own strategy and expand your knowledge. IronFX has a longstanding tradition of excellence in online trading and can offer new traders the support they need to start trading gold forex and other financial assets.

Benefits of trading gold forex (XAU/USD) with IronFX




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