Choosing the Best Forex Affiliate Program

One of the ways to obtain extra income in the Forex market is participation in forex affiliate programs. The core of this partnership for a partner is attracting customers/traders, and for a brokerage company/dealing center -  payment of commission to partner’s affiliate account for trading activities of engaged traders. The amount of actual earnings from affiliate programs depends on the specific terms of partnership, number of attracted clients, their trading activity and volume of transactions. There are two types of affiliate earnings in such programs: the first one – receiving part of the spread (approximately from 30% to 80% of company profits), the second one – implementation of a fixed rate for 1 full lot (from 5$ to 10$).

To become a partner of a Forex broker or a dealing center you are to pass a simple procedure of registration with one of the brokers. Now we’ll consider the principal forms of cooperation in attracting customers/traders to the Forex affiliate marketing programs.

First, it is organization of a Broker’s representative office (regional representation, franchising). This form of participation in the Forex affiliate program is characterized by long payback period, it is labor-intensive and the most costly one.

Secondly, it is attracting traders, who are ready to trade with money on real accounts, with the use of specialized Internet resources – placement of referral advertising materials on web sites: own partner’s sites, third party sites (blogs, forums, social networks, newsletters), bookmarking services and personal recommendations.

Best Forex Affiliate Programs Reviews

Many Forex brokers provide various affiliate programs. For better understanding of the features offered by each affiliate forex program, we would like to represent the best forex affiliate program reviews, developed by out experts.

  1. One of the best forex affiliate programs is offered by the Alpari Company, one of the oldest Forex brokers with good reputation and high credibility. The most popular type of this affiliate program is the “Introducing broker” (IB representative). 25% of the spread of each client’s trade serves as the partner’s compensation. Handy stats and online monitoring of attracted clients. The absence of time limits for cookies with information about invitees. The possibility of registration of a referred customer from the partner’s affiliate account.
  2. Forex affiliate program from the Forex4you Company in general is similar to that considered above and offers 3  levels of partnership, 50%+50% of the spread, or $ 10 per lot; ready set of advertising materials; 1/6 income from partners; income from PAMM accounts. The ticket to success in this forex affiliate program is the widely promoted thematic website with good attendance, preferably from 1000 unique visitors per day.
  3. Affiliate forex program of the InstaForex Company provides getting of 1.5 to 5.3 points per item per transaction. There are several types of partnerships: for webmasters, bloggers, sellers signals and expert advisors, traders, exchangers, VPS hosting, etc. There is possibility of increasing of remuneration in case of high performance. Convenient and informative statistics in partner’s account.

Among the most profitable and reliable best affiliate programs offered by leading brokers, there should be noted forex affiliate program of the following companies AForex, Weltrade, Yadix, Invest-System, FXOpen, RoboForex, LiteForex, TradeFort.

Taking part in best forex broker affiliate programs provides the possibility to create your own business and to earn money by attracting new customers. The right choice of the best Forex affiliate program could form the basis of your financial well-being.

Presented by Alpari

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