Member of FBS Loyalty Program Gets Mercedes S-Class

23 June 2022

On May 18, 2022, FBS presented Mercedes-Benz S-Class to a Member of the FBS Loyalty Program, the broker’s reward program. The car owner started his trading journey with FBS less than a year ago. It took him just ten months to reach Platinum Status in the FBS Loyalty Program and get his award. Now, he is a proud owner of the premium Mercedes-Benz S500 4Matic Long, an exclusive car equipped with the last generation of infotainment, steering, and suspension.  

The car delivery is captured in the video to share the exciting and inspiring moment with everybody. This success story proves the main values and ideas FBS brings to the trading world — everyone can achieve financial freedom and success regardless of their trading experience. 

To encourage clients on their trading way to goals, the company has the FBS Loyalty Program. All the traders need to do is just join the program, trade as usual, and get a prize. Among the awards are the latest Apple and Samsung gadgets, Rolex watches, luxury cars, and many more. Almost a million traders have already joined the program in their web Personal Area. 

By the way, it is not the first car FBS presented within the beneficial FBS Loyalty Program. Meet another car owner and get inspired by his achievements in our article. Do you want us to tell the world about you too? Join the FBS Loyalty Program  to get your prize and be a motivational example for others.




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