Best Online Forex Trading Tips for Beginners

12 July 2022

As a forex trader you must have come across lots of information about trading forex. One of the biggest challenges is finding the right information for you. New forex traders very often find themselves lost in a market that is very competitive. Experienced traders who want to improve their knowledge also fail to find the right info.

That is why having access to a trading plan and the right education can help you to start with confidence. With many forex trading brokers, but only a few CFD forex brokers that are recognised and trusted, it is difficult to make a choice. We’ve put together some forex trading tips for you to consider before you start trading.

Online forex trading tips 

Start trading small

Many traders usually start trading forex without doing any research or preparation. If you are starting out, you should consider all aspects of online forex trading. For example, it is good to start small, with a small amount of money and increase your funds as you get more confident. You should not depend on luck or instinct. Instead, study your move and make informed trading decisions. It is also normal to experience losses too, and you should remain rational at all times. Making mistakes early on, which are not costly, is better than learning the hard way. Building up your confidence is important, so it is wise to have a clear mind and trade with money you can afford to lose.

Choose your currency

Are you comfortable with forex market volatility? If yes, are you going to make short and fast trades or do you want to wait and target gains over a period of time? Traders who want to enjoy faster returns focus on more liquid and active markets. With a more liquid market, you can buy and sell fast and take advantage of tight spreads. In this way, you can trade with lower costs and discover greater opportunities to profit, though trading is risky and you can lose all your capital.  Major currency pairs such as the EUR/GBP or the USD/GBP have high volumes and are very liquid.

Are you buying or selling?

 Many traders choose to trade the trends. What they do is study the market and decide whether to buy or sell depending on where they think the forex market will go. If the market is going down, then they choose to sell. If the market is going up, then they choose to buy. Whether you are buying or selling, the market could go against you. To protect your funds, you should have a risk-management strategy in place. This could be a stop-loss order or take-profit order. If you cannot decide what to do, you can also not place a trade at all. Sometimes waiting and not placing a trade is also a good strategy and could save you from unwanted risks. 

Managing risk

If you want to make potential profits, then you have to think about your money and how to manage it when trading forex. While everyone wants to make a profit fast, many times this can lead to mistakes. For example, a stop-loss order can limit your losses, if the market moves against your position.

Traders very often use them to hedge against such unpredictable movements. But, when they are confident that they will make a profit, they avoid using them, risking their trade. In the same way, a take-profit order can help short-term traders to manage their risk. They can reach their desired profit target and get out of a trade before it starts going down. Traders use both of these orders at once to manage their position better and to know what to expect.

Whether you use a stop-loss or you set a take-profit level, you need to be realistic. Not all markets will suit the same levels, so you need to do your research. Check the latest price range for the currency you are trading and then set your stop-loss levels. 

Clear analysis

When using technical analysis, it will be good to keep it clear and simple. A clear mind is always a good starting point. There is no reason to get too confused or overcomplicate things when trading forex. If there is a sideways trend, then nothing is happening, so best not to act. If there is a trend, where is it going? An upward trend means that you need to buy whereas with a downward trend you will need to sell. You can check for support and resistance areas. An area of support means that this is where the price of the currency will stop falling. An area of resistance is where the price will stop rising. 

History repeats itself

This is what we say in general, but is also true for trading forex. History repeats itself and by looking at the past you can attempt to predict the future. In forex, you can look at the past price action on a currency pair so you can understand how it will behave in the future. The market behaves a lot like humans, as it involves people with human emotions. By looking at previous past prices, you can create potential scenarios. You can then speculate on which direction a currency will go. 

Track your actions

Create a log of all your profits and losses and track your performance. Looking back at your trading history, check if there are patterns. Are there any good or bad things you are repeating? Cut the bad things and learn from your mistakes. If there is something you can repeat that can lead to profits, then try it again. 

Don’t multitask

While it can be exciting, keep it simple. Place one trade or a few good ones, but not too many so you get lost. 

Leverage your trading

Leverage is very good and can get you more exposure to the market. With leverage, you can deposit a small amount and trade with a higher amount of money. This can lead to higher profits, but also higher losses. Risk management is key here. Place your stop-loss orders or take profit levels so you can manage your risk better.

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