Libertex — Forex Broker Review 2019

Libertex is a multinational brand with almost 20 years of financial market presence and online-trading experience. We've been helping our clients to trade stocks, currencies, indexes, commodities, gold, oil, gas, and cryptocurrencies since 1997. There are over 700 employees working for Libertex, catering for 2,200,000 clients from the Americas, Asia and Europe by providing top tier service.

Key facts:

  • 120 + instruments: Currencies, stocks, energy resources, metals, indexes, crypto currencies;
  • The terminal ( does not require authorization and installation of software on PCs
  • It is available starting from a US$10 deposit,  with the use of an unlimited demo account available.
  • Complete technical analysis avaliable from any device
  • One of the best graphic components;
  • Simplified calculation model for parameters of transactions (margin requirements, deposit levels, etc.)
  • Multiplier level is set manually (analogue to leverage)
  • Market execution, pending orders, profit taking/stop loss in $%;
  • Two types of commissions: Commission for the transaction itself, which is known in advance (equivalent of the spread). Accruals for next day transaction transfers (replacement swap)
  • Built-in analytics, signals, investment ideas and eductional videos

Libertex was created in response to the increased demand of private investors for a simple and convenient service for investment activities, and as a result of a growing interest in investment among the broader sectors of society.

  • 10 thousand people with a total turnover of over US$1 Billion. partake in the exercising of the terminal.
  • The range in the amounts of an investor's deposits via the Libertex exchange runfrom US$ 5 to US$ 10 thousand.
  • Investors trading via Libertex demonstrate a 15-25% higher profitability level compared to those trading via the tradtional trading exchanges. At the same time the volume of losses is 2 times lower when compared with  the  traditional exchanges.
  • 72% of Libertex' users trade only with this trading exchange platform, and do not execute via any other traditional platforms.

Libertex allows you to work with the most popular financial instruments in one terminal, while accessing it from all types of stationary and mobile devices, without any additional settings and special preparations.

Libertex - is

  • Advantageous. Trading stocks, indexes, currencies, metals and energy resources without any hidden commissions.
  • Convenient. All trading instruments in one platform.
  • Quick. Instant registration and access to a personal account on
  • Simple. There is no need to understand terminology, batches and spreads.
  • Profitable. Increase your investment growth rate from 2 to 500 times with the help of a multiplier.
  • Mobile. Access to personal accounts from any kind of mobile device.
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Regulation: CySEC

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