easyMarkets — Forex Broker Review 2019

When it was founded, easyMarkets sought to democratize trading. We wanted to offer everyone access to global markets – not just institutional and high net worth individuals.

easyMarkets (initially under the name easy-forex) was launched in 2001. After intensive problem solving we managed to achieve our goal – to give market access to everyone.


The second hurdle we sought to overcome was complexity. Trading is complex in its nature and can be overwhelming to new traders, this is why we tried to simplify our platform and app as much as possible, while still sustaining the tools experienced traders have come to expect from a competitive platform.


We never hide the fact that we are a Market Maker, but at the same time we are aware of what that means to most people – this is why we always make sure that our clients know that we never allow dealer intervention. Being a market maker also allows us to offer fixed spreads and the ability to never adjust our trading conditions in response to market volatility or unforeseen events. We kept trading active during Bitcoin’s Bull Run, the announcement of the British Referendum, the Swiss Franc Black Swan event and the U.S. Presidential election of 2016.

The Paradigm Shift

Being on the markets is risky, this is exactly why we offer our clients tools to manage that risk. Our most innovative and unique tool is the patent pending dealCancellation™. It essentially insures a trade against losing for a small fee for a period of an hour.

This creates a paradigm shift in the way traders approach significant events. With dealCancellation™ activated, our clients can now trade before the release or announcement of important macroeconomic events. We also offer free guaranteed stop-loss and take-profit allowing our clients to manage their risk even more effectively.

Customer Support

Having a helping hand when you are new to trading is immensely helpful. This is why we focus on offering our clients probably the best customer support available. Don’t take our word for it, look at what our clients say about our services. We also offer VIP trading desk that offers a personal market analyst and over the phone trading. Last but definitely not least, we never charge withdrawal or funding fees, so our clients know how much they will pay from the get go.

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