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CFD Global - Unlock Trading Opportunities on Innovative Platforms

CFD Global has put together all the elements traders might require to broaden their financial knowledge. With the use of an ample range of CFD instruments, advanced platform tools & detailed trading concepts, the broker aims to make the markets accessible to any investor, regardless of his experience level.

The interests of clients are met by the European requirements adopted by the main regulator, Cyprus Securities, and Exchange Commission (CySEC). On top of all the security measures respected by the broker, CFD Global focuses on creating an intuitive trading environment that stimulates individual progression through education.

Market Exposure for Global Assets with Advantageous Trading Conditions

CFD Global reunites a multi-asset offering that unlocks unmatchable opportunities, allowing clients to experience the creative process of a diverse trading portfolio. Choose the instruments that fit your mindset and preferences and trade with a leverage level that allows utilization of market movements.

The industry standards are taken to the highest point with the trading conditions found on CFD Global’s website:  

  • 19 Global Commodities with 1:20 Leverage
  • Popular cryptocurrencies with 1:2 leverage and spreads as low as $0.01
  • Over 55 Forex Currency pairs with 1:30 leverage for Forex CFDs
  • 1:5 leverage for more than 30 instruments for ETFs with tight spreads from $0.03

Take notice of annual reports, regulatory law news and other press releases that directly impact the prices of underlying assets! Browse the Market News and correlate data into a complete and informed strategy that caters to the instruments of your choice.

Keep track of events with the Economic Calendar that offers you insights into the importance and meaning of market events, as a support for further risk-management strategies.

The revolutionary influence of the company is comprised within the 2 trading platforms accessible from a single trading account, requiring a minimum deposit of $100.

Trade CFDs using one of the two multi-functional trading platforms that were picked to meet the needs of traders around the world: WebTrader & MetaTrader 5.

WebTrader - A Completely Web-Based Trading Experience

Unfold dynamic trading sessions on WebTrader and customize your strategies with the use of cutting-edge functionalities and powerful integrated third-party tools such as:

  • Daily Analyst Recommendations – Market trends are analyzed by respected & reliable financial analysts.
  • Trading Central – A industry-leading market data analysis tool with extended instrument coverage delivers trading indicators and detailed information for any type of strategy. 
  • Bloggers Opinions – 50.000 Financial experts can be followed to improve your decision-making process.
  • Active Stocks by ‘’Insiders’’ – 36.000 Corporate insiders give their insights on the market sentiment involving the largest company stocks.
  • Hedge Funds – Assess how leading fund managers opened positions on the world’s popular stocks within the last fiscal year.

MetaTrader 5 – A Preferred Choice by Expert Traders

If a popular platform is what you’re looking for, then you’re covered. Hop onto the MetaTrader 5 offered by CFD Global and start a trading session that’s both comfortable and multi-functional.

The platform comprises popular & reliable tools that support trading activities which can be accessed through the user-friendly interface:

  • Advanced analytics – 2.000 Free custom indicators and 30 built-in indicators await your commands!
  • User-friendly interface – Multi-window views, control panels, and real-time activity monitoring.
  • Versatile functions – Instant execution and multiple payment methods allow you to

Choose your own computer or trade on the go with your mobile devices using tools comprised by both platforms:

  • Negative Balance Protection – A pre-set level that ensures traders will not lose more funds than they have initially deposited.
  • Risk Management Tools – Stop Loss & Take Profit help investors to manage their resources better.
  • Free Analysis Tools – Make use of free integrated charts & indicators that support better market comprehension.

Multilingual Customer Support

New to the trading industry or just in need of more details? The Customer Support teams will make sure that any trader that joins the community will have access to extensive educational resources. Get in touch with them by using the Live Chat option, e-mail or the phone number on-site. 

Don’t know why you should choose them? Here’s a short benefit list:

  • Freedom to trade your own way
  • WebTrader & MetaTrader 5
  • 2.100 CFD instruments on popular asset classes such as Forex, Indices, Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, ETFs and Bonds
  • 20 Major Markets with Shares from over 2.000 companies, 19 Commodities, Bonds from Europe, U.S.A and Japan
  • Integrated Third-Party Market Data Providers like Trading Central
  • In touch with Market News & Economic Calendar
  • Mobile & desktop accessibility
  • Extensive Multilingual Customer Support
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