Best Introductory Program 2017

An introductory program aims at referring new clients to forex brokers thus earning a commission to an entity featuring it, whether an individual or a company (IB).

Introductory programs are in demand with FX trading schools, signal providers, financial media and other forex-oriented activity types. In the IB segment it is crucial to find a forex broker with proper quality of execution and reasonable spreads to be interesting to prospective customers. At that a broker should have an introductory solution offering competitive terms and conditions for IBs. Usually commissions are based on the trading activity of the referred clients, which can be a profitable business provided that new clients get enough motivation to open an account and trade with the determined broker.

Introductory programs mean active usage of various kinds of marketing tools: banners, links, books and articles on FX trading, seminars and personal tutoring, traders’ club days, and so on.

Safety is yet another crucial issue for IBs seeking partnership with a brokerage. Safety of funds is always a priority, and it is essential to know the offered introductory program is not a scam. This is the case where professional advice is much in demand. It is a real challenge to find a good introductory offer combining all the merits demanded by the present-day forex trading environment.

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