Forex Platforms Rating - Compare FX Trading Platforms

Forex trading platforms are the software that a trader needs to work in the financial markets. Today you have plenty of choice: trading terminals are classified in accordance with the application method, that is, whether they have been designed for a regular desktop or a mobile device; there are web terminals, and also it is possible to choose a platform that allows automatic operating and does not require client's physical presence for trading. Forex platforms allow concluding deals in the market, and, to add to that, a trader can analyze the market and test various programs in case he is interested in the automatic trading. It is possible to write such scripts, as trading platforms feature embedded supplements. Trading platforms can be paid and free. Choose the one from our rating below that is convenient and easy-to-handle particularly for you.

Forex Platform First Release Developer Free of charge Free of charge trial Web-based IOS version Android version Free forex signals Automated trading
MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 4 review
2005 MetaQuotes Software
SuperTrader review
2013 FxPro
cTrader review
2010 SpotWare
MetaTrader 5
MetaTrader 5 review
2010 MetaQuotes Software
ZuluTrade review
2006 ZuluTrade
SaxoTrader review
1996 SaxoBank
Ninja Trader
Ninja Trader review
2004 NinjaTrader™, LLC
Mirror Trader
Mirror Trader review
2006 Tradency BVI
JForex review
2005 Dukascopy
eSignal review
2001 eSignal
TradeStation review
2001 FXCM
Rumus review
2009 Forex Club
VertexFX Trader
VertexFX Trader review
2008 Hybrid Solutions
ForexTrader Pro
ForexTrader Pro review
Currenex review
2009 Currenex
Active Trader Pro
Active Trader Pro review
2011 Active Trader Pro®
StartFx review
2010 Forex Club
Protrader review
2010 Protrader
ThinkDesktop review
2009 Thinkorswim
ATC Trader
ATC Trader review
2007 ATC Brokers

All FX trading platforms fall into one of the following categories:

Regular Forex Platforms

This is the software installed on laptops and desktop computers. The key issue is that web connection is there. Regular fx platforms are very convenient and powerful, with just one disadvantage: sometimes communication failures do take place. Among the most popular standard forex platforms are MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. They are popular and efficient, and are remarkable for their stable performance; there are almost no complaints about their freezing or breakdowns. Other platforms are working fine too, but a lot of traders opt for one of these two. MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 are very convenient for forex beginners, because they are simple and user-friendly.

Mobile trading software is the best choice for a trader who wants to have access to the market at any time and to monitor any slightest changes even being away from their convenient stationary trading workstation. Another advantage is that trading software of the mobile device synchronizes with the platform installed on the main computer. The trader can open a trade, then leave home, and close the trade via the mobile terminal. Available are mobile applications for Mac, Android, and iPhone.

Web Platforms

It might well be that you will need to close a trade or get some information from your personal trading account when you are away from your PC. It is possible to use some other computer without installing the trading platform on it. Go to the site of your brokerage company, enter your account number and password - this is it. With this method trading orders are executed even faster, because they are initiated directly from the broker's site.

Automatic Trading

You can trade this way using your regular platform and advisors, or special terminals with broad functionality exactly for this purpose. In auto trading it is possible to receive signals on the open positions.

How to Choose the Best Forex Platform?

Demand always generates supply; therefore it is not surprising that today there is a wide variety of trading platforms on the market. There are undisputed leaders as well as not so famous terminals. Their differences lay in the interface and set of functions. Your personal choice of a top platform depends on your preferences in trading. Choose the one that is convenient and easy-to-handle particularly for you; of course you can as well ask experienced traders for advice.

When choosing a proper trading platform you can refer to the rating of the platforms. Platform is of primary importance in trading: in fact, it is your work tool, although it does not influence on your trading success. Your key factors in choosing a forex trading platform should be: convenience, proper functionality, suitable interface, speed and confidentiality.