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At the beginning of the 21st century MENA region has gained a foothold as one of the world’s principal business destinations. Its role and importance for the global currency exchange market cannot be underestimated. There are many forex brokers that are incorporated or registered in the countries like UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, Israel or Tunisia.

Lots of companies of the MENA region specialize in investing, trading or launching innovative projects. Along with this, currency exchange operations have become an integral part of the divers and dynamic business profile of the region. A number of Forex and investment expos and conferences are held in the region each year, and each time such events attract lots of visitors from various parts of the world and serve as the launching platform for the new B2B contacts and projects to get started.

MENA countries have a reputation of safe and reliable business destinations providing comfortable conditions to their clients, no matter whether they are large financial institutions or private traders.

Once you have some practical knowledge of forex brokers working in the Middle East region, please take a minute and share your opinion on the best MENA forex broker of today. Please take diverse criteria in consideration.

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 Mena Investing

Mena Investing LTD is a privately held company which addresses the increasing number of currency and futures trading demands in the Middle East and in the Arabian Gulf in particular. Mena also caters to clients’ heavy investments in the...

Regulation: BBC

Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets is one the leading providers of investing and trading facilities online, its fields of interest are foreign exchange, options, futures, stocks and commodities. Admiral Markets proudly declares that it supplies up-to-date and real...

Regulation: MiFID, FSA

Fort Financial Services

Fort Financial Services is a licensed international financial broker which operates under a license IFSC/60/256/TS/14 issued by International Financial Services Commission of Belize. The company is operating since 2010 and is trusted by clients from...

Regulation: IFSC


FxPro Financial Services Limited is one of the largest investment companies operating nowadays on the international currency markets. FxPro providing services and products for online trading currency pairs. The broker was establishrd in 2006 by...

Regulation: CySEC, FCA, FSB


HYCM is a leading provider of online FX and CFD trading services to retail and institutional investors. With a 40 year operational history and a strong focus on client satisfaction and technological advancement, HYCM has become the online...

Regulation: CySEC, FCA, MiFID, DFSA, SFC

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