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General Provisions

Forex-Awards.com Terms & Conditions describe the outlines of the site’s operational service and procedures of usage of the information and options offered at Forex-Awards.com

Forex-Awards.com management reserves the right to edit, add or remove any clauses of these Terms & Conditions without prior notice and at any time. Usage of the site and its services by site visitors implies acceptance of these Terms & Conditions in their actual form by default. In case of disagreement with any clause of these Terms & Conditions a visitor should not use the site. Forex-Awards.com management may at their sole discretion and at any time bar access to the site to any user without prior notice. We strongly recommend that you get acknowledged with the Terms & Conditions before using the site.

Privacy Policy

Pledge of Security

Forex-Awards.com adheres to a principle of absolute privacy of their clients. In this clause described are basic conditions of storage of the clients’ personal data related to access and usage of Forex-Awards.com

The term “personal data” embraces such concepts as personal name and last name, e-mail address, telephone number or any other personal information providing individual’s identification. All such data is kept strictly confidential by the Forex-Awards.com staff and authorized third parties. Processing of personal data is necessary to provide clients with services offered by the Site and to contact clients regarding important issues of site’s operation (news, promotions, events, special offers, etc.)

The personal data is stored in a secure environment to prevent any kind of destruction or interference and thus to avoid unauthorized access to the personal data of the clients.

In reference with the above, a client undertakes to provide true and complete data and to renew it when necessary. All the clients’ requests related to access to the system and private data have a privilege and are considered first.

Security of Personal Information

Forex-Awards.com undertakes to keep all the entrusted personal data with due care and utmost confidentiality. The servers containing our clients’ private information are kept and maintained according to the standards accepted in the industry concerning prevention of unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, or disclosure of the clients’ personal data.

Data Exchange Rules and Restrictions

Forex-Awards.com does log the IP addresses of the users, but for technical purposes only. The IP info is used for system administration and maintenance only. The IP information collected by us is never used to track details of site visitors’ online behavior, i.e. which sites they go to, how long they stay online, etc.

Links to other websites that can be found on Forex-Awards.com lead to third parties’ content which corresponds with our content and advertising outlines. However, there may be cases in which content of the third party resources is of such quality or character that we wouldn’t approve. Forex-Awards.com does not bear any responsibility for the content published on the third party sites.

HTTP cookies are known to gather personal data of a user from a webpage. The cookies are used to save personal login details of a site visitor to enable automatic entry to the site. On Forex-Awards.com cookies are used to conceal data of the users who have chosen to do so.

Forex-Awards.com sends promotional emails to subscribers only and important information to all clients whom it may concern. Mass emailing of commercial information without prior consent of recipients, otherwise defined as spam, is absolutely not in practice of our website. A client can at any time revoke their consent to receive commercial information via any contact available on Forex-Awards.com

Risk Statement

Currency trading is a high-risk business, as due to its fluctuations it may either generate profits or incur losses. Some forex traders endure losses stoically, even if this means loss of entire investment; others cannot sustain such turn of events, and for such type of individuals it is not advisable to trade forex. Before entering the forex market an investor has to make an overall assessment of all the relevant factors, including level of personal trading experience, financial goals, high-risk appetite, etc.  Forex newcomers are recommended to consult financial professionals or reliable sources of information to act adequately and reasonably on the market.


Forex-Awards.com website and its content are provided ‘as is’, without any warranties whatsoever. Forex-Awards.com and its subsidiaries bear no liability for any negative consequences that might arise due to usage of the site information by either private individuals or legal entities. This includes any interruptions or breakdowns in providing site content and services, unauthorized access and security violations. Forex-Awards.com does not guarantee access to the Site from any particular location or at any particular time.

Contact Information

We strive to provide fast and efficient service to our users and customers on a 24/7 basis. We always welcome feedback from our users, because it helps us to constantly improve. Once you would like to advertise on the site, or you have a complaint, a suggestion or comment on posted information, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. All requests are reviewed promptly. Please send us an email to mailbox@forex-awards.com and we will contact you.




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