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Forex industry in Turkey is on the rise for a number of years, and that’s been caused by two major factors - tough competition on the local fx market, and profound government regulation. Currently non-licensed online fx companies in Turkey are prohibited from offering currency trading to retail clients.

Strict official provisions help strengthening the investors’ trust in the positive prospects of the Turkish financial market that has been practically unregulated in a matter of only few years ago.

These days new forex brokers with due licensing come to the limelight in Turkey one after another. Despite of tough competition, their services are highly in demand among the Turkish private fx traders.

We at certainly approve of the positive regulation and stabilizing tendencies of the Turkish market. We are looking forward to introducing new Turkish fx brokers to our community and invite the experts share their opinion here.

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Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets is one the leading providers of investing and trading facilities online, its fields of interest are foreign exchange, options, futures, stocks and commodities. Admiral Markets proudly declares that it supplies up-to-date and real...

Regulation: MiFID, FSA

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