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As a matter of fact, the global currency exchange market is by its nature the most liquid and the most transparent market in the world. At the same time, however ironic this may seem, the activities of the vast majority of forex brokers cannot be considered transparent. Only a few forex brokers publish company data. It is not too common that a forex broker publishes the number of new clients who has signed up within past months or the number of active traders.

Transparency in forex trading means a broker operates in an open and straightforward way, under reliable regulation, and keeping to strict financial standards. Some of the most important criteria here are presumably the following: global coverage, market share and market leadership, quality of management, financial strength and potential, service and security, platforms and technologies applied, level of regulation.

It is usually not too easy to determine which forex brokers are really large and which are modest in size. It is widely thought that the larger is a broker, the better is the quality of services it provides. Objectively, the size of a broker does not guarantee perfect order execution, but in any case the size speaks for the quality of the services provided. Apparently, a forex brokers with a large account base has been active in the market for a pretty long time already, which in its turn means it has already earned steady positive reputation. This also supposedly means that the trading software offered by such broker has been tested, developed and improved far and wide.

Another essential aspect of transparency concept is storage and usage of the clients’ private data by the brokers.  A transparent broker provides users with knowledge and tools so that they make sure the broker only uses the data necessary for trading and only to a relevant extent.

Opening an account with a reliable forex broker a trader can be sure there he can safely trade forex or CFD for years to come.

Choosing the most reliable forex broker is a mission in which value of expert advice cannot be underestimated.

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