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ZuluTrade Review

ZuluTrade is currently one of the widely spread and popular trading platforms used on modern currency markets. There are radically opposite opinions about the platforms among the traders, as it has both advantages and disadvantages. The platform has currently around thirty thousand active users committing stable profitable trades.

According to the developers’ statement ZuluTrade is one of the best platforms for automatic trading because it excludes the ruinous human emotions from the process of trading. It is not necessary to wait for the exact time to open or close a position. All is needed is to find a reliable provider of trading signals. The process of trading is completely automated. A trader does not have to work out strategies, learn trading techniques and worry about possible losses.

The platform developers allow to test it on free demo accounts. There are more than a thousand providers of trading signals for automated trading in ZuluTrade and it is not very difficult to select a reliable one by brief analysis of the number of its subscribers and get the idea of its professionalism. Also, the platform allows to view the activities of other investors learn their strategies and select the providers based on this information. Besides, it is possible to receive indicators from several providers at the same time in the same trading account to get the most comprehensive data.

The main disadvantages of the platform are quite a large minimum deposit starting from $500, trading signals delay and disconnections between the platform and indicators providers.

ZuluTrade - Forex Platform's information

ZuluTrade ZuluTrade
Software developer ZuluTrade
First release 2006
Traders' reviews Post a review
Free of charge trial
Free of charge
Monthly payment
Multilingual interface
Web-based version
IOS version
Android version
Blackberry version
Windows mobile version
MacOS version
E-mail alerting
Mobile alerting
Ready Smart Dealer application
Ready Web Trader application
Free forex signals
Free tutorial
Technical support
Real-time charts
Automated trading
Stop order
Limit order
Market order
Market analysis tools
Technical indicators
Trading robots allowed
Expert advisors allowed
Traders calculator
Trading history
Trading signals export
Hot keys customizability
Different trading tools handling
Several trading accounts handling
Open interface (API)
Data encryption