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Ninja Trader Review

The NinjaTrader trading platform is not an ordinary trading terminal in the common understanding, but an effective complex tool for market exchange trading with the outstanding functionality which a rare investment company could boast of. The platform is used not only to commit transactions but also to analyze the market data, create and test different trading strategies.

Among the features of the platform there is the Advanced Trade Management which is the new system supervising the trading process and guarding the opened positions relying on previously established behavioral strategies. To reduce losses and fix the profits the system uses automated break-even stop-orders. NinjaTrader’s impressive opportunities are a feature the most admired by the traders in the platform.

Anyway there is always necessity in graphical data and high quality reliable analysis materials. The chart system of the platform provides data output in any way desired by the user. It is also possible to widen the number of technical indicators   by the usage of NinjaScriptTM tool. Trading directly from charts is one of the most convenient features of the platform.  The platform is available as the basic version for ordinary manual trading and as the extended version for automated trading.

Ninja Trader - Forex Platform's information

Ninja Trader Ninja Trader
Software developer NinjaTrader™, LLC
First release 2004
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Free of charge trial NinjaTrader™ is FREE to use for advanced charting, market analytics, trading system development and trade simulation. Users only pay should they wish to use NinjaTrader™ to execute live trades through their brokerage account
Free of charge
Monthly payment
Multilingual interface
Web-based version
IOS version
Android version
Blackberry version
Windows mobile version
MacOS version
E-mail alerting
Mobile alerting
Ready Smart Dealer application
Ready Web Trader application
Free forex signals
Free tutorial
Technical support
Real-time charts
Automated trading
Stop order
Limit order
Market order
Market analysis tools
Technical indicators
Trading robots allowed
Expert advisors allowed
Traders calculator
Trading history
Trading signals export
Hot keys customizability
Different trading tools handling
Several trading accounts handling
Open interface (API)
Data encryption