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eSignal Review

The eSignal trading platform is a powerful trading tool offering its users different technical analysis instruments and other features useful in such a high-risk investing sector as Forex. The software is suitable for professional traders as well as for beginners. The instruments built in the platform can help a trader with scanning and analyzing market data, using trading charts and indicators. The eSignal  trading platform allows testing a trader’s personal trading strategies with the feedback on their market effectiveness and overall applicability.

A lot of different useful functions and features are included in the eSignal trading software, such as market news feed, market analysis, reviews, forecasts, data from the world’s leading exchanges. All in all eSignal is a comprehensive trading solution which will help a trader to fulfill profitable trades.

The Esignal Formula Script programming language available in the platform allows traders to create their own strategies and indicators of any level of complexity. The Formula Wizard tool allows even inexperienced traders to create an effective technical analysis correct enough to commit profitable trades. The eSignal Strategy Analyzer tool analyzes a new strategy in accordance with more than a hundred parameters.

eSignal - Forex Platform's information

eSignal eSignal
Software developer eSignal
First release 2001
Traders' reviews Post a review
Free of charge trial 30-Day Risk-Free Trial
Free of charge
Monthly payment
Multilingual interface
Web-based version
IOS version
Android version
Blackberry version
Windows mobile version
MacOS version
E-mail alerting
Mobile alerting
Ready Smart Dealer application
Ready Web Trader application
Free forex signals
Free tutorial
Technical support
Real-time charts
Automated trading
Stop order
Limit order
Market order
Market analysis tools
Technical indicators
Trading robots allowed
Expert advisors allowed
Traders calculator
Trading history
Trading signals export
Hot keys customizability
Different trading tools handling
Several trading accounts handling
Open interface (API)
Data encryption