Forex Awards Challenge

Forex Awards aims to raise execution and transparency standards on the currency trading market. We search, find, and bring to your attention the factual providers of the world class services on the forex, financial, and other relevant markets.

Forex Awards is a benchmark award system to indicate market participants with excellent performance.

Voting algorithm provided by us does not depend on the industry players, boards of directors, and the like. The provided assessments are objective to the maximum extent possible.

Many business companies a lot to offer, there is a broad range of competitors on our lists to choose from.

We figure out priorities and strong points of the companies which are already big names on the global market. Our target is to help our registered users make an optimal choice of a leader company in accordance with personal preferences and specific features of the industry.

We are constantly working to evaluate companies in about 30 nominations. We consider financial, technical, geographical features of the nominees. We emphasize important sides on any company activity, such as quality of the customer service, size of commissions, and protection of the customers’ funds.

There are no “small things” in business: each facet of a company’s activity can become either its hallmark or taint of dishonour.


  • Forex Awards encourages key market participants to strive for best performance thus growing global competitiveness, which is definitely for the customers’ benefit.
  • Forex Awards gives the public a voice that counts.
  • Forex Awards highlights the industry leaders and thus indicates the anchor companies to establish business and customer relationships with.
  • Forex Awards gives recognition to the truly best companies, thus providing them with extra credibility. This eventually means bringing the fresh stream of customers to the companies which deserve it.
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