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I you search the answer to the question “What is the best Forex broker?” you are in the right place. This is actually an unexpendable connection between a private trader and the currency exchange market. Private traders cannot execute trading orders without a brokerage company as an alliance partner. Nowadays there are lots of forex brokerage companies at the financial market offering services in the section of retail forex, and it is a real challenge to make the right choice of the best forex broker to wotk with. Before a trader inclines to a one or another forex company, they should do a vast amount of groundwork: to make a comparison of types of online brokerages, entry terms, deposit/withdrawal terms, platforms, leverage and spreads, commissions and fees, bonuses and promotions offered by different dealing centres, regulation details, quality of customer support work; to read reviews and comments by other traders to have some up-close information about the market participants providing services related to forex and only after that to select best forex trading broker to work with.

As for the best forex broker types, customers generally choose between so called market makers and Electronic Communications Network (ECN) brokers. There is a range of hidden menaces that can be related to the market makers, as some of them are known to manipulate spreads artificially to get more profit from customers. Best forex brokers known as fair market makers are to make money only on actual spreads between the bid and ask price; as for ECN type of brokers, these normally only charge a commission, but are not dealing with spreads. In any case, clients should pay proper attention to all terms and services offered by any FX company. In this context the US regulation is highly strict to investment companies so it may by reasonable to find the best US forex broker to trade with.

As a first active step with top forex broker it is recommended to open a demo account to see how it all works in the company. As for the minimum real deposit amount, there is a tendency of its decreasing within the past years; still, with some market makers this still means thousands of dollars, whereas with other brokerages it is possible to start real money trading with much lesser sums. As for withdrawal procedure, with some forex brokers it might be much more complicated that depositing, so it is essential to consider this aspect beforehand as well.

In the below list you can find both best US Forex brokers and best European Forex brokers, so you can choose the best broker Forex in 2016 and vote for them.

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