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The importance of the European continent cannot be underestimated in the foreign exchange trading subject: in almost 50% of daily forex operations European currencies (EUR, CHF, etc.) are traded. A European forex trader has an extremely wide choice when it comes to selecting a good forex broker in Europe. All major market makers have their offices in Europe, and key liquidity providers, first off, German and Swiss banks, are also there. And, accepting the vision of forex brokers, we can see a huge multimillion potential customer base on a relatively small territory. Thus, European forex market can be described as one of the best in terms of development and regulation.

Most brokers are properly registered and regulated with the financial authorities in the country of their location, which is rather a tacit rule; factually, there is no obligation to do exactly that, and once a broker obtains a license in any EU country, this means the broker is eligible to accept customers throughout the European Union.

Choosing a best forex broker in Europe, one should definitely take a notice of the broker’s operational history and reputation; awards that have been won by the broker during the years of trading also speak in favor of a trader’s choice. And, from the practical point of view, it is important to estimate many factors of a broker’s operational work, such as minimum deposit amount, maximum leverage, spreads on major currencies, amount of commissions, quality of the customer support, and much more.

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