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Best Execution Broker

Same as all Over-The-Counter (OTC) financial markets, risk management of FX trading positions involves active trading. Fast execution forex broker which provides accurate and transparent order execution deserve a special notice and recognition. Fast execution implies the best liquidity price for a trader or investor. Traders’ orders have to be executed either in the interbank liquidity market or matching a trade with another customer order; proprietary trading is inappropriate in FX business just as much as in the equity markets. Best execution only broker can claim to be called a true NDD broker.

FX best execution operations can be segregated into two main categories: No Dealing Desk (NDD) and Dealing Desk. Subject to a preferred type a trader gets specific spreads and specific trading conditions.

Fastest forex broker providing high-class solutions to their customers around the worldwide are many, but certainly it is vital to be able to make distinction one service package from another and select the brokerage offering the most relevant execution terms, such as fast order execution speed, accuracy of order executions, precise forex signals, no slippage, no requotes, etc.

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