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Dealing rooms give an opportunity to traders to match their trading methods with those of professional market participants. In a dealing room day and intraday traders have access to other skilled traders and thus are able to watch live trading, to discuss forex trading strategies, to work with trade setups, and to review their profits in real time. In other words, in a trading room its members receive a personal feedback from professional room hosts and are able to copy their trading tactics on a regular basis. Tight and fixed spreads are also a reality for dealing room traders. Due to customized leverage the dealing room members have better control over the trading process.

Dealing room members can execute deals either via an online chat or over the phone.

A decent dealing room provides its customers with an assortment of trading tools and timely customer support. Moreover, members of a dealing room receive sms signals, email updates and social media notifications when necessary. Extra benefits that can be found in a good dealing room are free forex trade copiers and rebate programs.

Dealing rooms often feature great services in assisting traders’ professional growth.

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