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Binary options represent quite a new segment of the international investment market; nevertheless, it already demonstrates stable growth as it has become popular amongst private traders, especially beginners. One of the main issues is to choose the best binary option broker from hundreds of them.

Binary options are probably one of the simplest and fastest-to-learn forms of trading. It has proven to be an effective way to get profits from trading online.

The term “binary options” implies two possible results in every option a trader invests in. Synonym for binary options is digital options (DO) and fixed return options (FRO). The main idea of binary options is simple, much reminding of sports betting, which means a “yes or no” principle: a trader either gets the payout or not, which depends on the result of the prediction made by them. The payout amount is determined before the option is traded by a trader. Short time of trading sessions makes sure that it is possible to earn a comfortable living in the course of just seconds. At the same time, binary options trading is extremely risky and requires deep knowledge about the market trends to be able to make real profit.

Before opening a real account with a binary broker, a trader needs to understand if their choice is correct and best binary options brokers won’t drop short or get involved into some disreputable activities. Best binary brokers sections of this site will help a trader to choose the right one. So learn through top 10 binary options brokers to find which one suits you the best.

Expert recommendations on reliable and top binary options brokers with proper management and support are much in demand!

Below is the list of top binary brokers working on global markets. Vote for a best binary broker in 2016 below!

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